Produce TRAINer

A food safety training toolkit for produce farm workers, with lessons to learn and practice risk assessment on the farm. Trainer guides for each lesson available below.

Intro Animation Farm Risk Assessment

Training time: 5 – 30 minutes

What is risk assessment, and how does it apply to my work on the farm? In this short video, learn about how decision making with food safety in mind works to keep you and the produce you work with safe.

For the supervisor: Get your crew more comfortable to identify hazard (as biological, chemical, and physical) and assess risky features on the farm. Lead a brainstorming session on how these features, sometimes necessary for the farm to operate, can be managed safely.

For the worker: Learn the definition of hazards and risk assessment.

Lesson 1 Farm-Food Safety Eye Spy

Training time: 5 – 30 minutes

Take a bird’s eye view of a mixed-use farm and identify common hazards that may be present during daily work.

For the supervisor: Lead workers in a discussion of worst-case scenarios on a mixed-use farm. Discuss how your crew can work to reduce these risks and keep the farm culture safe and clean.

For the worker: Find potential food safety hazards on a mixed-use farm with your peers, and discuss how to manage these scenarios to keep produce safe.

Lesson 1 interactive.

Lesson 2 Visual SOP Builder: Working with Animals and Preparing a Bin for Harvest

Training time: 5 – 30 minutes

Get anyone ready to do the job right! Build standard operating procedures for safely working with animals and prepping harvest bins prior to harvest with pictures and words.

For the supervisor: Lead your crew in a discussion of how SOPs put food safety risk reduction practices into action. Collaboratively decide the best order on how to work with animals or prepare to harvest for maximum food safety benefit.

For the worker: Discuss what steps you should take when working with animals or getting bins ready before harvest.

Lesson 2 interactive.

Lesson 3Risk Assessment in Action:
Harvest Day Decisions

Training time: 5 – 30 minutes

Practice risk assessment in action! Follow two farm workers through a harvest day and help them choose the best options to reduce foodborne risks.

For the supervisor: Lead workers through a day of harvest and discuss how they would address and/or communicate food safety risks to a supervisor and peers. Focus discussion on why making certain decisions on the farm is important to reduce food safety risk.

For the worker: Decide what you should do to keep your crop safe during a day of harvest.

Lesson 3 interactive.